Mac OS X 10.6.7 Update Fixes Pwn2Own Bug


by casey on March 23, 2011

Yesterday Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.7 update. We have not seen anything interesting enough to attract its users. However the company has worked on different vulnerabilities making you more secure. Apart from bug fixes, it contained patches for 56 vulnerabilities discovered and reported by different security experts.

Interesting thing is that vulnerbility found by Charlie Miller has been patched. On the other hand, Vupen’s exploit is still there. Vupen, a French security team walked off with the latest MacBook Air plus $15,000 by revealing a vulnerability in the Safari Web browser.

According to Apple’s security advisory, 45 of the 56 vulnerabilities allowed “arbitrary code execution,”


This is what the publications says:

Several in that class resided in Apple Type Services (ATS), the operating system’s font renderer, and could be exploited using malicious documents embedded with specially-crafted fonts. Of those four vulnerabilities, two were reported by researchers from Apple’s rival Google. Other drive-by attacks could be launched using malformed files exploiting six vulnerabilities in Mac OS X’s ImageIO component, another five in QuickTime and two in QuickLook, the operating system’s document preview tool.

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