iPad 2 In Japan’s Grey Market Starting At Price $990 To $1710


by casey on March 21, 2011

Here is another strange news. We have got images of iPad 2 being sold in Japan’s Grey market. Its the same iPad 2 which was announced officially. No duplicates this time. But the prices are more than double. Imagine the price of 16GB models being sold at a price close to $1000. Grey Market is taking full advantage by selling this latest device to early adopters at very high prices.

iPad Japan Grey Market - 3

Check out the prices at which they are offering the iPad 2 device.

  • Apple Wi-Fi 16GB iPad 2 79,800 yen (about $990)
  • Apple Wi-Fi 32GB Black iPad 2 89,800 (about $1110)
  • Apple Wi-Fi 3G 64GB White iPad 2 138,000 (about $1710)

iPad Japan Grey Market - 1

iPad Japan Grey Market - 2

iPad Japan Grey Market - 4

iPad Japan Grey Market - 7

As you know iPad 2 is delayed to be released due to the Earthquake in northeastern Pacific Ocean effecting Japan. Previously its expected date was March 25. Now there are no estimated time of arrival. Many retailers are importing it from USA and selling it to the early adopters.

iPad Japan Grey Market - 5

iPad Japan Grey Market - 6

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