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by casey on March 17, 2011

Well Well Well! Another iPhone 4 unlock solution is here for you. Gevey SIM solution is floating on the Internet right now. Back at the time of iPhone 3G unlock, Gevey SIM was introduced but unable to get more attention due to data network issues. Now they are claiming to solve these errors.

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 0.1

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 0

Turbo SIM spoofs Authentication and IMSI number provided by the SIM card to the mobile network. This helps your locked phones to utilize any network carrier. It gets all the data from AT&T SIM to the SIM card of your choice and thats it. Now enjoying calling and SMS of any network.

If you are unaware, an Australian developer was successful to unlock †iPhone and used Telstra as a network carrier for his device. He used the TurboSIM method at that time. After that GeoHot came up with his software based unlock solution. So people started liking and relying on GeoHot and iPhone Dev Team.

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 1

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 2

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 3

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 4

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 5

iPhone 4 Unlock Gevey Sim 6


Gevey SIM is working properly and will be made available from March 18 or 21 March. The SIMs will be available for all countries except for China. It has been confirmed by Applenberry.

Yes it WORKS. The website to buy GEVEY SIM is on March 18 or 21. We will ship to all country except China. It is currently also available on ebay.

Reaction of iPhone Dev Team and other hackers:

Question: have u seen Gevey sim to unlock ip4 ?

Answer : sim carrier cards have a long/mixed history with iPhone (often hit&miss), so itís too early to tell. I have 3 or 4 older ones. For reference though, google: Turbo SIM. In its day, that was a nice programmable SIM interposer board.

Question: a lot of UL victim is going to pay for that TurboSim if u can not give a clue be4 weekend and we have no idea if it ll damage

Answer: back during the iPhone2G SIM interposer days, they never did damage (they were just always hit & miss)

Question: so u mean the gevey sim may work or may not??? on what criteria does the hit & miss depends???

Answer: unlike software unlocks, SIM interposer can take advantage of bugs in SIM Toolkit (STK). Too early to tell if this does that.

Question: So itís less likely you guys can make a SW unlock using the trick that gevey uses? (of course if we assume gevey works.)

Answer: rightÖ.hardware SIM interposers canít use any bugs that we can, and we canít use any bugs they can.

( similarly, there are known bugs that could unlock your i4 if you had an OpenBTS setup. all 3 of these interfaces to the BB have different (exploitable?) bugs: AT /dev interface, SIM (STK), cell network (OpenBTS)

right Ö. Hardware SIM interposer can not use any bugs that we can, and we can not use any bugs they can

This is what Veence has said on his Twitter account:

This Gevey SIM seems to work via TMSI spoofing through emergency calling (112). Iím not quite sure if this legal in other countries than China.

But older TurboSIMís Seemed to work like this as well; spoof info (dial 112) and then abruptly switch back to true TMSI to connect to cell.

WARNING: Gevey SIM is only for the basebands 03:10.01 and 02.10.04 unlock. Do not use it for the latest iPhone 4 baseband available with iOS 4.3 firmware.

Let us see whether is it going to unlock your iPhone device. The other solution is the upcoming NCK Key Unlock iPhone 4 by iPhone Dev Team.

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  • Fernandezjacobo

    where can i buy this?

    • Nguyen

      Log on to ebay ,it’s cost USD$70 .Type Gevey or item # 260754207489.Good luck .

    • Sof

      The link is in the text above: . It costs $70!!!

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