Custom Firmware CFW PS3 3.60 / 3.55 Full PSN Access Download Naima


by casey on March 16, 2011

We have another interesting news. A Spanish hacker named Naima has released PS3 custom firmware 3.66 and 3.55. It is basically a CFW 3.55 with some files and settings from the 3.60 firmware.

It also plays the role of a spoofer to provide you full PlayStation Network access. You can fully access and play games from PSN while preserving your jailbreak.

REMEMBER we do not recommend you to access PSN using your jailbroken PlayStation3 console as you never know when and how you get banned by Sony. Although it is said that it tested and safe for use.

PS3 Custom Firmware 3.60 3.55

Download Naima 3.55 Custom Firmware

NOTE: The above article is only for the testing and informational purposes. Its not we who have created this hack. We do not promote such activities. We recommend you to be safe. Use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for bans by Sony.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, starts targetting him with their lawsuits, and shortly thereafter this site for giving a link to where it can be downloaded. Personally, I hope you’re all shut down.

    • Ashjud

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    • Idiot

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    • Tony

      either you dont know how to update your ps3 r you some kind of dude that like it shoved up his a… you a real pieces of work information is meant to be shared who are you to say it isn;t i hope your life goes down hill because you want it to happen to so many other people not everyone has the money to buy everygame that comes out r want there ps3 just used in one way sony knew the risk once the relesed the ps3 orignaly it had the option to load windows linux and many more to start but because the american people found a way to save money now they want it stoped u should donate ur ps3 system r watevery sony products to the salvation army since you dont like the idea of jailbreaking and if you have a iphone are and android that is modified you are a true fake individual because no matter what you want to happen the world continues to advance in technology you think the guys with the real brain really work behind desk its because of people like george that people like me and everyone else try there best at what every they want to get accomplised because he turned in idea in to reality just like the guy that unlocks the iphone and i belive apple lost that case right

  • 123

    Yeah, I hope the news stations get shut down also for letting us know what criminals are doing. The nerve of those people…

  • ihatesony

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  • Medoingnothing

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  • Medoingnothing

    I bet mornelithe has no pirated software at all, not even downed a song ( snigger) or watched a movie or any sport via a feed without paying, what a Pri**
    and i appreciate everything the good guys do, Gates etc are greedy and most lost lawsuits even sky recently.

    hats off to the guys that help the not so well off

  • Tttt


  • Rens

    Well all these major companies are profiting from everyone who wants to play virtual games, and like corporate greed they want people to buy the games, and not distribute copies around.The point is that these companies will and are going to take action sooner or later but we have got to not let that happen we are the consumer and if a kid wants to explode his PS3 with a grenade he sure can he bought it and sony is happy with its revenue .A good example of corporate greed is PIPA & SOPA.

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