Comex Shows Jailbroken iPad 2 Running Cydia On iOS 4.3


by casey on March 14, 2011

More jailbreak news! We have already updated you that Stefan Esser has confirmed that he will release his exploit for 4.3 firmware before next weekend. Comex previously said that “I must be really unlucky… I just realized that my best kernel bug was closed in iOS 4.3″. Now things has changed and he has finally jailbroken his iPad 2 running the latest iOS 4.3. The developer has also posted an image of jailbroken iPad 2.

Below is the image posted by Comex:

Cydia on iPad 2 jailbroken iOs 4.3

Previously we have told you that Greenpois0n and SHAtter has been patched in the latest software by Apple. But now we have two exploits, one by Stefan Esser and the other one is by Comex.

We do not know the plans of how and when Comex is going to do with his exploit. Is he going to keep it with him just as he did at the time of iOS 4.2.1. No! We are not going to like it. Seriously!

But one thing is sure that we are definitely getting the jailbreak iOS 4.3 by Stefan Esser sooner or later.

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