SHAtter Jailbreak Closed In iOS 4.3! iPad 2 Jailbreak Not Coming Soon?


by casey on March 12, 2011

Another bad news for jailbreakers. Previously we have updated you that Greenpois0n, Limera1n and Sn0wbreeze are patched in the latest 4.3 firmware by Apple. Last hope was SHatter, which is now confirmed that its also not working on iOS 4.3. The exploit was tested on the iPad 2 device. This simply means we are not going to get iOS 4.3 jailbreak very soon. Seems like Apple is winning and hackers are loosing.

According to Chronic Dev Team member Joshua Hill, things are not looking good but he is still optimistic though. MuscleNerd has confirmed that its being patched and not working on iOS 4.3. If you are unaware of this tool, SHAtter was developed by pod2g to jailbreak iOS 4.1 but GeoHot released Limer1n to jailbreak all iOS devices running iOS 4.1. SHAtter was preserved for next generation devices including iPhone 5 and iPad new version iPad 2.

This is what MuscleNerd has tweeted:

iPad2 bootrom version iBoot-838.3 means it was compiled March’10. Seems geohot guessed right: limera1n was already closed

Early testing also seems to show at least one thing SHAtter depends on was gone by March 2010 too

This means any early iPad2 jailbreaks will have to be purely userland

I guess this is a bit of a win for Apple engineers…they fixed both holes long before either exploit was developed.

SHAtter can’t work at all with the “thing” I referred to gone

Muscle Nerd SHAtter

GeoHot was VeryRite! He already told that all these exploits were patched by Apple. This is too bad for the jailbreak community as know they have to come up with the new tools.

The only tool that is left and is not being patched is Stefan Esser’s exploit which is said to be running properly. He is waiting for iOS 4.3.1 before he release his 4.3 jailbreak exploit.

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