Sony Releases PlayStation 3 [PS3] Firmware 3.60! Jailbreak & Hack Proof


by casey on March 11, 2011

Sony has released PlayStation 3 firmware 3.60 and you know the reason. Apparently its more safe against jailbreak and hacks. All they have updated is to enhance their security.

If you are unaware, it all started when GeoHot was successful to jailbreak PS3 firmware 3.55. Sonay became aggressive. The company has already sued the young hacker who is currently facing the trial. After that each and ever step taken by Sony had no mercy for the PS3 hackers.

Apart from fixing the exploits, new PS3 firmware version 3.60 offers PlayStation Plus Subscribers, a service allowing you to boot saved games from the Cloud. Each PSN users is allowed to add up to 150MB of games data and up to 1000 files.

PS3 3.60 Update

PS3 hacker, Youness Alaoui tweeted:

the new PS3 Firmware 3.60 has no loaders under isoldr/lv1ldr/lv2ldr/appldr and hence it makes the PS3 platform more secure and hard to jailbreak.

So, is the new PlayStation3 firmware 3.60 cannot be jailbroken or hacked??? Let us see how hackers come up with something new. Let us see who is going to be the first to bring a custom firmware CFW.

Update: PS3 3.60 Hacked & Jailbroken
UPDATE: Custom Firmware CFW PS3 3.60 / 3.55 Full PSN Access Download Naima

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  • Keiranwalton

    Just another load of crap from sony !!! and also infinity ward mw2 posting 1.12 takes away all challenge lobbys!! :@ i could kill them

  • Keiranwalton

    Just another load of crap from sony !!! and also infinity ward mw2 posting 1.12 takes away all challenge lobbys!! :@ i could kill them

  • ndh777

    When I first got my PS3 back in 2009…I remember preferring Sony to Microsoft because they had sympathy for hackers. Now they’re just as bad as Microsoft, maybe not shutting people’s console’s down, but enough to get people pissed off like myself. I’m still on 3.56 after I accidentally upgraded and now I’m stuck…nnUsers don’t always hack and mod to steal games, sometimes we just want a different look, the thrill of hacking and completing a challenge, being unique, acquiring new things like emulators for old games once forgotten…nnI will agree that all the modding that went on in the MW2 games with matches was unacceptable.

  • Ljkhkjhkjh

    3.60 has been hack. LOL

  • Ussuperazz

    Has been HACKED already because they didn’t want to release 3.56 cfw because sony would protect on that exploit and kakarot0 has said he has found the motherload of all future jailbreaks and will open it like a pinyata in a months time when some real updates come out or when people get ban hammered …so Lawwwl.

  • Fabian Degrendele

    HHAHAHA COOL !!!!!!! a friend told me on PSN he has already hacked hes ps3 but i think he got JB on 3.60 Alredady HAHAHAHAHAHA Sony got POWNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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