Microsoft IE8 & Apple Safari Hacked In Pwn2Own Contest, Google Chrome Safe


by casey on March 10, 2011

Here is an interesting news. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and Apple’s Safari browser hacked during the Pwn2Own event at CanSecWest security conference in British Columbia.. They were pwned by the very first hackers trying their luck on it.

Vupen which is a French security team walked off with the latest MacBook Air plus $15,000 by revealing a vulnerability in the Safari Web browser. The team managed to pwn the Apple browser although Apple has revealed Safari 5.0.4 which fixes 62 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s IE8 was also hacked in the event by Stephen Fewer, who is the founder of Harmony Security and most of the times reports bugs. He penetrated through the Protected Mode which is Microsoft’s name for the sandbox-like anti-exploit technology implemented to separate the browser from the OS.

On the other hand, Google Chrome remained safe. Actually no one took up Google’s offer. The search giant had promised to give $20,000 to the first person who hack into Chrome on the very first day of the event.

Chrome Safari IE Firefox Browser War

“The first contestant was a no-show,” said Aaron Portnoy, manager of HP TippingPoint’s security research team, and Pwn2Own’s organizer. “And the other team wanted to work on their BlackBerry vulnerability. So it doesn’t look like anyone will try Chrome.”

Source via CW

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