Another iPhone 4 Jailbreak Exploit For iOS 4.3 Found


by casey on March 9, 2011

Charlie Miller announced that he has found another exploit in the iPhone 4. The researcher is well known as he has pwned the Safari Web Browser for the last three years in Pwn2Own, an event for the hackers around the globe. According to Miller and Blazaks Dion who is collaborating with him, the jailbreak exploit would be present on iOS 4.3 GM version.

Update: Download iOS 4.3 Final Released iPhone iPad iPod Touch [Direct Links]

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As we know iOS 4.3 public version will be out any time and currently we are enjoying the Golden Master version, it will become almost impossible for Apple to patch it afterwards.

So get ready as they will be revealing it in tomorrow’s Pwn2Own event. One thing to be noted that its not been tested on all devices. So we cannot tell how much it is going to be effective until tomorrow.

CharlieMiller hacker Pwn2own

Miller tweeted:

Finished up a not-so-reliable, but workable iPhone exploit with @dionthegod today. Off to cansecwest now.

Oh, I take it back, iPhone exploit isn’t working on another test phone we found :( Work continues. No sleep for @dionthegod tonight.

Dion has tweeted:

Much like Sex Panther cologne, 60% of the time, this exploit works everytime! But I hear everytime a beer is downed, an exploit gets it’s PC

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