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by casey on March 8, 2011

Here is another interesting news. Samsung Galaxy S 4G is now unlocked by sanfranx415 who is a XDA Developer. It simply means you can use your Galaxy S 4G device on any of the network you want. The developer has also posted a How to guide which you can find below.

Note: Root to your device is required before you can proceed. You also need a Hex editor for the process.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G unlocked

Step by step how to guide to unlock Samsung Galaxy S 4G: (SIMPLIFIED)


  • Download and install “010 Hex Editor”.


  • Navigate to SGS 4G and open the terminal emulator.


  • Type in the following commands.

cd /dev/block
su (at this point your phone will ask for superuser access ALLOW it if you already havent done so)
dd if=/dev/block/bml3 of=/sdcard/bml3.bak
Now navigate to SD Card to find the file and transfer it to your computer


  • Run the 010 Hex Editor application you downloaded in STEP 1.


  • In the hex editor, go to the Menus and choose VIEW>LINEFEEDS>SELECT CUSTOM>SET YOUR BYTES TO “32″ Nothing Less


  • Now find the bml3.bak file you previously transfered to your computer. Open this file using the editor.


  • Press CRTL+F on your keyboard to find the hex string. Choose “Hex byte” in the search window. Type in “FFFFFFFFFF0100000000″ to search it by pressing FIND ALL. Some of you will get 2 results and others up to 10 results on your screen below


  • There will be three panes in the Hex Editor. See the third pane. In front of the Hex Key, there will be an 8 digit code that you need to note down. This is your unlock code.


  • Now turn off your phone device.

STEP 10:

  • Use some other SIM card, other than the one you are currently using officially. Turn on your device.

STEP 11:

  • It will prompt to enter a Network Unlock Control Key. Simply enter the code your noted down in STEP 8. Press Unlock or Go button and it will say “network unlock successful”

Congratulation!! You have successfully unlocked Samsung Galaxy S 4G device.

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