Apple iPad 2 Is Carrier Unlocked Officially – Swap Sim Cards


by casey on March 7, 2011

Apple iPad 2 is carrier unlocked.There were few reports which says that WiFi + 3G iPad 2 model is designed to work with Telus, Rogers or Bell. It means you are nor only going to use your iPad with Verizon and AT&T but also other network carriers.

Apple on its website says:

Choose your iPad by carrier.
If you decide on an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, be sure to select the model that corresponds with the carrier youd like to use for 3G service. The iPad model you purchase is specially configured to work with either Bell, Rogers, or Telus. So while you dont have to activate 3G service right away, you should choose your iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G according to the carrier you prefer.

When you decide to activate 3G data service, you can choose the amount of data per month you want to buy with no long-term contract. So if you have a business trip or vacation approaching, just sign up for the month youll be travelling and cancel when you get back.

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According to many different sources this has been confirmed that you are allowed to swap SIM cards and carriers with the new iPad 2 device.

CNET has also confirmed that:

It is possible to roam with your iPad 2 while traveling in Europe, but its only possible for the AT&T 3G version of the iPad or iPad 2 and not the Verizon Wireless version of the iPad 2. (Verizon uses a network technology called CDMA, which is not compatible with other carrier networks in Europe.)

To be more specific, iPad 2 device will not be carrier locked. Apple has provided options to reconfigure the iPad 2.0 to work with another network carrier with a simple SIM card swap and iTunes Sync.

We will find more on March 11. Stay connected to for more details.

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