Judge Allows Sony To Obtain Visitor’s Info To GeoHot’s Website & YouTube Channel


by casey on March 5, 2011

Here is another move by Sony. Its shocking as well as humorous. They are trying to do things that have no benefit at all except to show dominance. Federal Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero has given Sony a subpoena that allows the company to get the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of everyone who visited PS3 jailbreaker GeoHot’s website and YouTube Channel in last 26 months.

The company’s request for subpoenas on Twitter and Google to reveal info related to accounts own by GeoHot is also accepted.

The subpoenas grants Sony the information about visitors by IP addresses who have checked www.geohot.com since January 2009. The accounts of people will also be obtained by Sony who have checked George Hotz Youtube video channel.

The company will also be accessing tweets by the young hacker. Another subpoena allows Sony to seek logs for Hotz new blog.

George_Hotz geohot

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UPDATE: Sony vs. GeoHot Lawsuit has come to an end

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