Steve Jobs / Tim Cook To Announce White / Black iPad 2.0 Along With iOS 5 Preview


by casey on March 1, 2011

We have already told you about the iPad 2 launch event on March 2 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Rumors are circulating that we will be able to see Apple CEO, Steve Jobs at the event. It is something unexpected. We do not know whether he is just coming to show a presence or he will be announcing the new iPad 2.0 device.

As we know, Steve Jobs is on medical leave. Tim Cook’s is taking care of the company’s day to day matters. Although they say that Steve Jobs is still involved in major business decision. We have already a video which shows Jobs suffering from bad health.

One thing is sure, even if he is not hosting the show, his presence will give strength to the company. We remember all the previous events, iPod, iPhone and iPad, where he came with his energetic soul, same dress and presenting and announcing new Apple products which made the fans go crazy.

We have not seen Steve Jobs in last two events of Apple, The Daily event and Verizon iPhone 4 launch event. Let us see whether he is coming for the iPad 2.0 device or not.

Let us see what we are going to see there, Steve Jobs/ Tim. Cook with white/black iPad 2.0 and iOS 5 preview??? We will be covering all the news in this event. Stay connected to for more updates.


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