PS3 Hacker’s Home Raided By German Police


by casey on February 27, 2011

We have been telling you Sony’s reaction against hackers and jailbreakers. They have already sued GeoHot for jailbreaking PlayStation3. It seems they cannot wait to punish jailbreakers by suing them and going through a long process of courts, trials and all this. Now they have German police on their side. German police has raided over graf_chokolo’s house and tool all his computers away. The hacker graf_chokolo is a contributor to PlayStation3 hacking at some level.

After few hours of raid on his house, the german hacker has released all his work on a forum. Which also contains, Hypervisor Bible, a set of tools that reverses all the updates and allows you to hack your PlayStation 3 console. Of course this is something which cam make Sony extremely aggressive.

He posted on the forum saying “Guys, i donít joke, itís serious. And to prove it, i kept my word and uploaded all my HV reversing stuff. Upload it everywhere so SONY couldnít remove it easily. Grab it guys, it contains lots of knowledge about HV and HV procs.”

PS3 firmware 3.56 hacked

Previously we have seen Sony suing GeoHot for jailbreaking PlayStation3 firmware 3.55. The young hacker is currently facing the trial. He has been forced to remove all jailbreaking stiff from his website.

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