Microsoft Paid PS3 Jailbreaker GeoHot To Fight Against Sony


by casey on February 25, 2011

Here is another interesting news. Microsoft has donated a huge amount of money to famous hacker GeoHot to defend himself against Sony. Its just a rumor till now. No confirmations from GeoHot or Microsoft. If you are unaware, GeoHot has previously asked his followers to donate money so he can fight the case against Sony. George Hotz is currently under a legal action by Sony for jailbreaking their PlayStation3 firmware 3.55.

Previously we have seen GeoHots has updated his blog which says that First round of donations is closed. The young hacker GeoHot has previously asked for donation to fund his legal fees to fight against Sony. It tool only 2 days to get a decent amount of money. We don’t know what was the exact amount he has collected but it made him close the donation request just after two days.

The information comes from a source close to the matter who must remain anonymous that in an attempt to help George win his case, and thus making it legal to hack the PlayStation 3, the company anonymously donated a large lump of cash so he could cover his court fees; remember: only 2 days had passed after Hotz requested the money and then received all of the money.

George_Hotz geohot

Previously we have seen Director of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s Brandon Watson inviting GeoHot to jailbreak the WP7 device by offering him a free device. Microsoft has a friendly policy towards hackers and jailbreakers. We have also seen Microsoft collaborating with the ChevronWP7 team to know what kind of vulnerabilities are present in their software which they hackers might use to jailbreak.

Stay connected to We will update you as soon as we come to know any update or confirmation of Microsoft’s donation to GeoHot.

via EverythingHQ

UPDATE: Sony vs. GeoHot Lawsuit has come to an end

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  • ktownhero

    Well, it’s tough to gauge the reliability of this rumor, but it’s interesting to entertain nonetheless. My question, though, is what motivation would Microsoft have in this? From what I understand, they seem to invest quite a bit of resources in preventing hacking themselves… Are they suddenly hoping for consoles to become open platforms?

  • Guest

    why do you think MS has a “friendly” stance towards hackers do your research. What happened to all of the banned 360 consoles. Man some ppl are so stupid.

  • Cloud_3

    If this is true this just proves how petty and pathetic MS really is. They have no faith in their own products, they have to ruin their competition to get ahead and instead of standing on the merits of their own devices. Petty, unethical, immoral and disgusting.

  • Go Microsoft!

    If this is so, I respect Microsoft a little more.

  • Vill

    Cloud. . Stfu lil Sony fanfirl plz

    • Guest

      You Stfu lil Vil !!!!

  • TheDude

    Because when you’re hacking their stuff, they don’t like it because they’re losing profit. But when it’s for an opposing company, who gives a shit. nnPeople think with their pockets. Don’t be naive.

  • Tanvir Hossain Limon


  • http://none patrick

    ok microsoft’s pathetic and i wouldn’t doubt that microsoft does this, because not only are companies are treated like shit but so are the customers. they don’t care about you just your money and truthfully xbox is for asses, poor people and anyone that loves having the world fuck them over. microsoft also releases unfinished games, worsening exclusive’s hence why microsoft lost exclusive game of the year 2010-2011. and all you have is laggy internet halo gears forza L4D

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