Happy 56th Birthday Apple CEO Steve Jobs


by casey on February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The Apple CEO turns 56 year old today. The co-founder and chief Executive Officer, Steven Paul Jobs was born on 25 Feb 1955. There are too many things to say about him but simply we can only say we miss him. He is the person behind Apple’s success. Jobs passed his whole life working for the company and to produce best and usable products.

Even when he was forced to leave the company, he was never discouraged, he was still working in Pixar and also founded a company named NeXT.

The CEO is currently on medical leave due to his health. Apple iPad 2.0 event is about to arrive. We are not expecting him to be there due to his bad health. We remember all the previous events, iPod, iPhone and iPad, where he came with his energetic soul, same dress and presenting and announcing new Apple products which made the fans go crazy.

No doubt he is the inspiration for the youth and startups. We wish him good health and expect he will arrive soon.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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