Xbox Kinect Hacked To Run With Apple iPhone & iPad


by casey on February 21, 2011

Here is another interesting news. Kinect is hacked to run with Apple iPhone and iPad. Previously we have updated you about Microsoft’s plan to introduce Windows Phone 7 and Kinect integration. This time its not WP7, hackers have managed to use iPhone and iPad with Kinect.

All credit goes to cyberpunks at Supertouch who managed to complete this task. The hack converts Kinect into cynosure. iPad or iPhone gets the control of playing digital Dodgeball on Microsoft Kinect.

kinect ipad iphone

It is to be noted that graphics are not that good as compared to the Microsoft’s solution of Kinect and WP7 integration. But the guys behind this work certainly need credit.

If you have not read the news of Kinect and WP7 integration, It has been demoed flawlessly in the Microsoft Games Studio where two women were using their Windows Phone device shoot balls in the Rally Ball game that a man was playing on the Kinect. The video shows that a real time operation between the Windows Phone device and Kinect. The integration is not porting of Kinect motion sense to the Windows Phone. It is actually the player’s phone input added to the Kinect game.

Leave Kinect and WP7, check out the videos of Kinect working with Apple iPhone and iPad below:

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