Sony S1 PlayStation Tablets To Use Android 3.0 Honeycomb! Supports Preloaded PSOne Games


by casey on February 21, 2011

Trend of tablet computers has just started. After the Apple’s iPad, we have seen a many companies to fall in this business. We have also seen some big tech giants offering tablets to their users including Samsung, Black Berry, Acer etc. It has been reported that Sony is working on Android S1 Tablet. The S1 tablets are rumored to offer PlayStation suite and will be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

Sony S1 PlayStation tablets will have a 9.4-inch touch screen and will be offering PSOne games preloaded in it.

Sources say that a team of engineers from different internal departments of Sony has been assigned to work on the tablet. Few people are selected from Sony’s VAIO division. It is also expected that they will launch the S1 tablet under VAIO brand. Sony S1 PlayStation tablet will offer a support for Sony’s Qriocity service and Sony Reader ebook Store.

Sony PlayStation Tablets Android Honeycomb

Rumors says that Sony will offer a unique and unusual look and feel of its upcoming device. EG has updated on its look:

The tablet’s “wrap” design is meant to remind the owner of something personal in the way that it mimics an open paperback stuffed into the back pocket, or a magazine folded backward upon itself such that only a single page is visible to read. A design that also gives the tablet’s display enough angle to comfortably touch-type when placed on a table. It also makes one-handed operation a bit less taxing on the wrist by shifting the center of gravity to the bulbous edge of the device as in our mock-up above. A trick meant to reduce the torque that makes 10-inch tablets uncomfortable to hold one-handed for an extended length of time (when reading an ebook, for example). So even though the S1 is about the same size and weight as Apple’s iPad, we’re told that it feels lighter since most of the weight is shifted directly into the user’s hand and over the wrist. Naturally, the screen UI rotates allowing for right- or left-handed use and we’re told that it’s still comfortable to hold in landscape mode where the bulging edge is typically held at the top.

Specification of Sony S1 PlayStation Tablet:

  • 9.4-inch touch screen
  • 1280 by 800 pixel display
  • front- and rear-facing cameras
  • USB and infrared ports
  • Bravia Media Remote and Bravia TV support

We will update specific details as soon as we get more details on it. It is expected that Sony will launch S1 PlayStation tablet by September at a price of $599 or £370.

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    Wifi gaming experience on the tablet, would be amazing, this one should be easy to crack. Go DEV TEAM.

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