Microsoft Kinect SDK For Windows To Arrive This Spring


by casey on February 21, 2011

Good news for the programmers who are looking for Kinect development. Microsoft has shown its intention to release Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Operating System. The SDK will be released this spring.

The non-commercial release is being for “academic research and enthusiast communities to create even richer experiences using Kinect technology.”

So you don’t need to hack Kinect to do many interesting things with it. The Kinect SDK will be there soon for the development fun.

No details has been told for the commercial version of Kinect Software development kit but it will be here as confirmed by the software giant.

The Kinect Software Development Kit will help developers to access audio, system APIs, and direct control of the sensor.

Microsoft Kinect

No doubt that Microsoft Kinect is a great technology and its development kit was much needed. The Redmond giant has sold 8 million Kinect devices in just 60 days according to an estimate. The company has also promised to bring Kinect and Windows Phone 7 integration.

We have also seen a hacker community interested in the device. An example includes the hacked Kinect device to use with Apple iPhone and iPad.

We are expecting that developers will welcome the SDK with great enthusiasm. Let us see what kind of response it is going to get in actual.

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