Backup And Restore Jailbreak Apps Of iOS Devices Using AptBackup


by casey on February 17, 2011

For the people who finds it complicated to backup and restore everything if the jailbreak is lost during software upgrade or restore process, there is an app that will help you in this matter. AptBackup, a Cydia app allows back up and restore of all jailbreak apps on your iPhone and iPod.

AptBackup provides a very easy process to backup and restore all the jailbreak apps. All you need is to launch the application and it will start doing the backup process for you.

For the restore process, you have to download the AptBackup again from Cydia. Press the restore button and an automated system will do the who thing for you.

Remember that AptBackup is unable to restore the settings. Although it includes some technique to restore the settings as well, but its not worth using this feature as it will increase the amount of work for you.

Aptbackup iOS backup

The AptBackup application makes a text file with the jailbreak apps you have installed when you try it for the backup. This text file is saved by the iTunes. When you restore you iDevice, AptBackup will use this file to know what to download.

AptBackup is a free app under the repository of BigBoss. You can download it from the Cydia Store.

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