Convert Any GSM Phone Into A Facebook Phone Using Gemalto Sim Card


by casey on February 15, 2011

Gemalto, a company which offers digital security products has released Facebook SIM card. The chip allows you to convert your GSM phone into a Facebook phone. The method can be implemented even on old phone devices.

The development of the SIM is done by taking help from Facebook. The SIM provides you the minimal features. It will not provide you sliding interface or image streams. You can have pokes, friend requests, Facebook status update features etc. The SIM can convert any GSM phone into a Facebook phone even if you are using some old designed device.

Facebook has confirmed this mutual work done by the company and Gemalto:

We worked closely with Gemalto on their Facebook for SIM product and believe it will be another easy and affordable way for people to stay connected through Facebook on the mobile phone of their choice. Facebook for SIM creatively combines technologies from some of our existing mobile solutions that especially are attractive for people with feature phones and have limited or no data plans with a mobile operator. Through the Facebook application on the SIM card people can: Update their status and view comments on it; write on their friends wall; receive notifications; find friends on their SIM phonebook.

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