Slide Out Physical Keyboard iPhone 5! 3 Different Prototypes By Apple


by casey on February 14, 2011

Apple has built three different prototypes for its next generation iPhone device. One of the prototypes include a slide-out physical keyboard. This news has been claimed for iPhone 5 by a Taiwanese website ( via ) that has initiated many Apple hardware leaks previously.

Another prototype reported looks similar to the iPhone 4 but has better hardware, longer battery life and a better camera.

The other news on the website is about the next generation iPad but this one swallow able. It says that the iPad 2 will be thinner the the first version and will have a built in camera.

Previously the same website has given many hardware leaks from Apple suppliers. We have also seen this website revealing a white panel of an iPhone 4 before even the device was announced.

The same website was also involved to reveal a first look at Apple’s redesigned MacBook. Previously it has also revealed an iPod Touch Nano. After few months, Apple has officially announced the arrival of iPod Nano device.

There are many other things which this website has revealed a little earlier. Let us see whether this one is just a rumor or we really are going to have a physical keyboard iPhone.

iphone 5 keyboard

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