Nokia Unveils Its Windows Phone 7 Device At MWC 2011


by casey on February 13, 2011

As you already know that Nokia and Microsoft had an agreement according to which Nokia will have handset that will use Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. Today, Nokia has shown the first ever mobile handsets that will Windows Phone 7. The company has shown its wp7 device in Mobile World Conference 2011. Check out the image below:

The image shows that the phone is almost the same as we have seen in a prototype revealed by Engadget. But now its open officially.

Nokia WP7 handset

Nokia said that they have done great to spread Symbian operating system making it the number one choice. The company will do likewise by introducing and using WP7 for Nokia devices.

The next question is whether Nokia is going to leave Symbian, of course it can not. The company is not going to leave Symbian OS for sure.

On the other hand, Microsoft is enjoying a great success with its Windows Phone 7 devices. It seems that Nokia WP7 will also be a great device.

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  • Dvdason

    microsoft change nokia os for a big war! we must wait for what they do. i think microsoft want have big part of market like there windows for PC.

    even microsoft in PC is not winner! there winning is for 2001! cause, now big part of there users, use windows XP. microsoft maybe be a winner with nokia but it could not better than iOS and Android. they are big seller but not quality winner. :) i wish nokia and microsoft lover don’t hate of me for this comment. i just say what i think :)

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