Apple TV 2G To Become Gaming Console To Compete PlayStation & Xbox?


by casey on February 10, 2011

Great news for the Apple TV 2G users. It seems that Apple will use its Apple TV2G device as a gaming console in the future. Consider playing online games on Apple TV2G, Coool. The code of iOS 4.3 beta shows a reference of Apple TV as a gaming console.

The code in iOS 4.3 beta has two strings which forced many to think that they plans for a gaming console using TV2G device. The strings are “” and “.play.archive.thunder”. It might be just a rumor and these code might have a different meaning.

Check out the image of the code below:

apple tv gaming consoleImage: via EG

We do not know what they will call it, “ATVGames”, “ATVThunder” or “Game Center”. Of course it will be equipped with an App Store for console games.

Imagine if Apple releases TV2G device as a gaming console. Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation are great devices but on the other hand Apple can be a great competitor as it has the ability to penetrate in the market and attract a lot of users.

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