White iPhone 4 Device Label With Price Tag Found At Best Buy


by casey on February 7, 2011

We are a little fed up of this White iPhone 4. The say its coming. Infact, much awaited, much delayed and the most controversial Apple’s white iPhone 4 device has become the butt of many jokes. But still people are anxious to know about its availability. It seems we are going to have it very soon. EG has got the picture of a shelf tag for a 16GB white iPhone 4 device. Apparently it has been taken from a Best Buy in Houston. This image is followed by another similar image previously found at a Canadian electronics retailer.

iphone 4 white price best buyImage White iphone 4 best buy via

You can see the price tag in the image which is $599. We can only think that its a no contract white iPhone 4 device.

Previously we have seen many rumors about the availability of white iPhone device. Few days ago, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has also confirmed that the White iPhone 4 device will hit the market very soon. He said this in an interview.

Let us see whether its fake or real. We are not even waiting for the white iPhone. Rite ?

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