Fix All Greenpois0n RC5 Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Bugs Errors Issues


by casey on February 5, 2011

Chronic Dev Team has released Greenposi0n RC5 to do an untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Most of the users have successfully jailbroken their devices. Few of them are facing some issues and errors. Here is a complete guide to fix all problems you are facing.

greenpois0n rc5 logo

First of all you need to have a clean iOS 4.2.1 installation before you run Greenpois0n jailbreak tool.

PROBLEM 1: Stuck due to “Greenpois0n initialized” error.

SOLUTION: Simply just download “Greenpois0n RC5_2

PROBLEM 2: While installing Cydia, Greenpois0n Loader crashed.

SOLUTION: The Greenpois0n Loader will only work when website will come online. The site is down because too many visitors tried to access it and the web server is unable to handle that amount of requests. It will be live very soon. Till that time you can follow below steps after jailbreaking using greenpois0n. You have to use Redsn0w to install Cydia after using Greenpois0n.

  1. Switch off your iDevice and open Redsn0w 0.9.7b6.
  2. The only option that should be checked is ‘Install Cydia’.
  3. Follow the instructions to in Cydia and thats it.

PROBLEM 3: Using Greenpois0n to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 results in the “FAILED” Error


  1. You must use Greenpois0n RC5_2
  2. Your iDevice must be connected to your MAC.
  3. Open the TERMINAL, type in ‘cd Desktop’ (without quotes) and press Enter.
  4. Now type in ‘open’ (without quotes) and press Enter. It will result in a new window and Greenpois0n will be started.
  5. Follow the self explanatory instructions to put your device in DFU mode. The jailbreak process will start.
  6. After it is jailbroken, a greenpois0n Loader will be there now. This is to let you install Cydia.

If the loader is crashed or not appearing etc. Follow the steps below.

  1. Switch off your iDevice and open Redsn0w 0.9.7b6.
  2. The only option that should be checked is ‘Install Cydia’.
  3. Follow the instructions to in Cydia and thats it.

PROBLEM 4: The screen of iDevice goes blank after jailbreaking. Still in DFU mode.

SOLUTION: You have to leave your device as it is for almost 2 minutes. Now press and keep on holding the home and power button simultaneously for almost 10 to 15 seconds until your device boots normally.

PROBLEM 5: Errors: Unable to find fs_mount, Unable to find fs_unmount ,Unable to find fs_load_file

SOLUTION: Properly connect your iDevice. You must have your device ‘Switched Off’ when you connect, otherwise these errors will come.


PROBLEM 6: When i launch Greenpois0n tool, it opens and closes immediately

SOLUTION: Reason is that theGreenpois0n RC5 tool by default do not run on Mac OS X 10.5.x (till now). It tries to access version 6.0.0 of libcurl.4.dylib but as you are trying to run it on the 5.0.0, so it closes immediately. You can fix this by checking a small guide from here Get GreenPois0n RC5_2 Jailbreak To Work On Mac OS X 10.5.x

Let us know by commenting if you are facing any other error than the ones mentioned above.

If you have missed the guides to jailbreak using Greenpois0n then follow the below guides.

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  • Patrick

    Here’s a problem I encountered and fixed: Greenpois0n RC5_2 crashes on startup – in terminal, “cd [location of greenpois0n]/” return “chmod 775 greenpois0n” return “open greenpois0n”

  • Hellomates

    you forgot the problem where the program wont even open like in my case

    • Peter Paul

      U need to run this on a mac…

  • Josep

    Hi guys, Greenpois0n RC5-2 worked for me. Just jailbroken yesterday with RC5, and have done it again today with RC5-2 successfully..! Bug found here is that the phone gets stucked when I hang up the phone after a call. It restarts in safe mode so you have to restart again….Anyone have experimented the same..? Thanks for any help..! Josep, Ibiza Island.

    • Crisanvladut

      do you know any method for windows ?

    • Whysler23

      I have the same problem. cannot hang up phone or answer an in coming call waiting. How? how? how?

  • Anonymous

    Can we use redsn0w 0.9.6rc8, or does it have to be 0.9.7? The reason I ask is because I do not have access to 4.2b3.

  • Laurent

    Regarding PROBLEM 5, I fixed it by simple HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON starting from the DFU sequence up to the state where the screen filled up with text. The errors still show up at the beginning, but it works anyway after about a minute. (iPhone4)

    • Jasomsmith753

      Have you noticed any issues? I got those same issues but it still jb for me. Should I be worried? PS: I just used the windows version.

    • MacArthur Penny

      i have the same problem but still can jb. however i need to respring everytime I reboot my iphone, as it keeps saying my springbroad is crashed, but it works find after repring it

  • Al_Cr0

    What’s with using GP on VM OSX ? nI can’t JB my 3GS 4.2.1 tethered in this way.

  • Justin

    OMG thx so much!! I had the failed error problem, solved now! Thanks!!

  • Mik

    Got another problem: stuck at “cant mount user filesystem” – any idea, what that means? It’s within the verbose boot, right after installing the animated logos!

  • Zoom

    Hi !niPhone 4 jailbroken successfully with GP Rc 5 V2. nBut, i think a have a battery issue… Do you have a similar problem ?

    • Anonymous

      I have the a battery drain problem as well after the jb. have you found a solution anywhere?

  • Hellomates

    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libcurl.4.dylibn Referenced from: /Users/user/Desktop/ Reason: Incompatible library version: greenpois0n requires version 6.0.0 or later, but libcurl.4.dylib provides version 5.0.0nTrace/BPT trapnlogoutnn[Process completed]n this is what i get when i try to open it via terminal nnplease someone tell me whats wrong

  • T4ndrew

    Tried green poison with my out of the box iPhone 4,it hasn’t been sim activated yet , for some reason the it won’t work, the crack won’t install to the phone and jailbreak,help pls

    • Guest

      You need to activate the phone first via iTunes before attempting to jailbreak.

  • Matthew Karall

    I am getting Unable to find fs_mount, fs_unmount, fs_load_file Errors…nDevice is powered off when I plug in.

  • Popalelias

    my apps disappaeared every single one… what do i do?n

  • Redpizzi

    im getting a problem using installous – when i try and download anything i get a message saying nInstallation fail:Error Domain=NSPOSIXerrordomain code=2″ the opperation couldnt be completed. No such file or directorynAnyone help?

    • None

      not sure if this is the solution, but greenpois0n says “we do NOT support piracy” …maybe its in greenpois0n why installous isnt working…but thats just speculation from geohots ps3 jailbreak for 3.55

    • blackbird

      hackulous server must be down….wait for sumtime then try again

  • random_guy

    I ran into a couple issues when I jailbroke yesterday. Two pieces of advice: nn1. Make sure you’re running a CLEAN install of iOS 4.2.1, not just the upgrade. After doing the upgrade, click RESTORE and redo the 4.2.1 install. All of the stock Apple apps (phone, mail, safari, etc.) disappeared on my first attempt. If you’re having ANY issues with apps disappearing/not working/etc., RESTORE and try again.nn2. Be patient. It looked like my phone and the process had frozen. BE PATIENT! It will finish. nnrandom_guy

    • Rexzed01

      that is completely normal, that monster logo is what you call the custom boot logo and so you are fine

  • V8v-web

    i do all step but i forget to turn off my device before make jailbreak , but all done without any problem ,cydia installed (the download of cydia stop on 50%) and work gd but when i turn off my device and turn on again , i see the logo of apple and after 5 s i see logo of other apple like monster , is that normal , or i need to restore my device and turn off my device and do jailbreak again.

  • hottnixz401

    I jailbroken my iphone 4 just fine, when i went to install cydia on loader phone rebooted, tried it again and it installed…loaded cydia and had no installed sources so refreshed, got the installed sources. now when i try pushing mywi on cydia home it says cannot find package, i tried searching and nothing comes up…im wondering if this is a cydia or a greenpois0n issue? and how to fix it?

  • Gennoken

    After updating to 4.2.1 while preserving the BB I jailbrok with GP RC5 but I couldn’t Hactivate the phone, a little search over the internet and I found the solution:nUse Redsnow 0.9.7, browse to 4.2.1 IPSW then check ONLY install Cydia hit Next and entrer DFU it should hacktivate the phone.nnOviously this is for those with an unofficial SIM like me.

  • Rayz

    Do you use any call blocker apps such as mcleaner? if you do, uninstall that app.nmcleaner caused me frozen and enter safe mode everytime i made a call / receive a call

    • Alexcubo

      I have the same issue!!! have you fond a solution?nnAlex

  • Kevin

    Jailbroke ipod touch 3g. Missing icons now: mail, ipod, settings, all stock icons are missing. Please help.

  • Andre Kruger

    I have used greenpois0n RC5 for windows…. my problem is greenpois0n tells me that my device has been jail broken but just take me to the emergency screen.nI have tried to downgrade back to 4.1 firmware BUT that did Not help either.nAny sugestions here??

  • KungPaoChicken

    I jailbroke my iPad on 4.2.1 (FINALLY! :D) w/ GP, lord knows I’ve been waiting for-e-ver but it all came to a grim realization that I was better off on my previous firmware. Crash after crash after crash, at first I thought it was an app I installed from Cydia causing the issue (naturally)… Nope, I restored and removed everything, the issue begins the minute I install anything at all. It will boot up in safe-mode, [restart] to load up again and the moment I move the slider — CRASH! The only way I’ve been able to circumvent this crash is to press the sleep button at the lock screen and move the slider on my own terms lmao, hard to explain (even still, this works only some of the time). If you’re upgrading to 4.2.1 on iPad to jailbreak, don’t even bother. From the moment GP was released until now all I’ve been doing is troubleshooting, restoring, jailbreaking and jailbreaking and using TinyUmbrella to exit recovery, I guess this is what I get for installing something with a skull on it dubbed “Pois0n”. All I know is the problem is not only on my end because everyone I know with an iPad has been experiencing the same issue and I can’t place all the blame on Greenpois0n, it might just be 4.2.1 firmware itself because it is not working properly, something to do with the multi-tasking if I had to guess. B E W A R E ! ! !: iPad owners, if you’re about to jailbreak on 4.2.1 — get your caffeine beverages and stress relieving toys handy because you’re going to beta-testing for the next couple days only to downgrade back to square one all over again.. Poor iPad, little feller never did nothing to nobody, he’s puking green goo all over the place, *waves fist!*

    • SamirDavisJr

      So I noticed this post – I actually installed the 4.2.1 update on my 3gs and iPad at the same time. Actually scratch that; the iPhone was upgraded a while ago but not jailbroken. Anyway, I jailbroke them at the same time. Did the iPhone first, and of course, went through installing all the “required” cydia updates. Lo and behold, same problem as above. Random crash, after crash, after crash. Takes a bit of playing with the slider (before the logo turns from the full telco’s name to the shortened version) to get it to settle. That or it takes 3 – 4 crashes to be OK. So, when I went to JB my iPad, I held off on the Cydia updates. Lo and behold…all is well. I’m stumped, but pretty sure this is an SB settings, cydia core or similar issue.

  • Josep

    Rayz,nnI had Mcleaner and have unistalled it like you recommended. Now I don’t get stuck when I make phone calls..!!! Many thanks for your help.!!!

  • Zahnpastamann

    Everything went fine for me, but now Cydia is completly blank. no sources , no packages. Any ideas?

    • Ryanbaird85

      i am in the same problem . did you get your answer yet?

  • Greenslate623

    So just a few hours ago, I downgraded to 4.1, downloaded and jailbroke my 2nd Generation MC Model iPod touch, and went through the whole process without a problem. WELLLLLL, after it was complete, it took me to the home screen on my iPod where the icon LOADER is suppose to be. It IS there, but the problem is that when I click on it, it will open for 1 second and immediately shut the app down. What is going on?

    • Ping

      I’m having the same problem with my ipod touch have no idea what the fix on this is. :(

  • Greenslate623

    Mine is the same way. The loader icon is white and when you open it, it closes right away

  • Bar0n7693

    IPHONE IS CONSTANTLY RESTARTING and it freezes where i have to enter my pass code i’ve tried a hard reset and now i have to restore it because it freezes at pass code when i turn it on. GP RC5 still has alot of bugs don’t jailbreak.

  • Gatorade0114

    Problem*** After opening greenpois0n and entering dfu mode, i click jailbreak my screen turns white and it says jailbreak failed :(. Yes i have an MC model. any idea why this is happening and what i can do to fix it? thanks

  • Dror.

    when im trying to JB, i get error number 5.
    i connect the iphone (3gs-4.2.1) and turn off!! for sure!!
    loading GreenPois0n, start DFU, and start JB, and still the first command is :
    Unable to find fs_mount, Unable to find fs_unmount ,Unable to find fs_load_file

    what do i doing worng? the iphone is OFF before DFU.

  • <<>>

    Hi folks…

    Everything went fine, except TERMINAL does not work. It just closes after launch… Any ideas?

  • Abhijeet


    i jail broken my iphone 4 with greenpois0n- windows. but some applications/tweets fro cydia like calltell, middlewhat are not working for me…any suggestions?

  • meeeee

    i cant enter DFU mode. i know that im doing all the steps right because i jailbroke a friends ipod touch 4g using greenpois0n RC5 B2. but 20 mins later when i tried my ipod touch 2g non-mc, i cant get into dfu mode.
    When i do the steps, the apple logo pops up after holding the sleep button for two seconds. Then about halfway through holding both power and home, the screen goes blank. and then when i release the sleep button but still hold the home, the screen stays black and the windows sound for device connected comes but greenpoison doesnt detect anything. Ive tried it with redsnow and limerain. But i cant get into DFU.

  • Stoneken

    I discover that after jailbreaking my both iphone4 & iphone3GS using this “GreenPois0n RC5 Untethered Jailbreak” iphone4 works perfectly well, But as for the 3GS the network couldn’t found even the sim card is inside the iphone itself (Even power off & on several times)???? is it this New “GreenPois0n RC5 Untethered Jailbreak” only works on iphone4??? Even my friends 3GS iphone also facing the same problem by using this New Greenpoison jailbreak…. Anyone of u guys out there facing the same problem? Help me pls… nn

  • Steven

    Hello everyone, this is a fix for the no icons appearing after jailbreak. After I had to delete the for my cydia to appear, my apps disappeared. I opened up cydia and did a complete upgrade (when it asks for essential upgrades) and I had to reboot my device and when it turned back on all my apps were back! Hope this helps.

  • Roberti

    I have 4.2.1, and did the RC5 B4 Jailbreak from greenpois0n today. All went really well.

    Except now there are random issues, iphone reboots randomly, the icons all dissappear requiring a reboot.

    I guess will have to start the whole process again when the next beta comes out.

  • Roberti

    Same issues here, Im going back to 4.1

  • Tianalacoya11

    I followed all the instructions and what not but the loader will not stay opened it just acts like it is going to open and than closes…I’m nOt sure what to do

  • Gah

    I have the exact same problem. Can’t get it into proper DFU (no it’s not recovery mode, it’s some weird, limbo, mode where the phone’s screen stays black) … please help us.

  • Epicbrett2

    in cydia it says i open the section page and i have no packages what do i do

  • Rexzed01

    i have a problem, I can’t connect to youtube and facebook even though im right next to my router, any suggestions, chuz if i cant im gonna do a clean restore and jailbreak it again

  • Injunburn

    Mine just freezes when it gets on the greenp0ison logo is loading..HELP!!nPlease

    • iphoner

      i cant install installous after the greenpoison jailbreak, help please!!

    • Kobe 007

      Mine’s the same. Green p0sion logo stuck on a black screen, can’t go any further. Please help.

    • twylytenightly

      Same here! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • gigi

    my phone is stuck on discovery mode help

  • Jessica Yee

    I jailbreak my iPhone recently n download for free till I realize tat I cannot download from apps store at all.Not even the free apps! The moment I press install, It turn back to the front page! Please help to solve the problems

  • Duane

    ok so Ive jailbroke my ipod 2nd gen i was so excited but as soon as i downloaded cydia I discovered that it just crashes Im really disappointed i think the idea is amazing and cool and i would love to be able to do all the neat things you can do on you ipod with it I would be grateful

  • ANON

    2nd Generation MC Model iPod touch 4.2.1

    Greenp0ison was a waste of time for me. It kept failing, then once i did get it to load it would either fail at start-up or would hang and not close down.

    In the end i did a restore to the original factory settings and jb with sn0wbreeze v2.2.1. this was quick easy and has worked perfectly. It is untethered too.

  • chris

    Ok so i have an ipod touch im trying to restore. I am not a rookie i have done many jailbreaks. The ipod touch is a 2g i picked it up for cheap and have been trying to restore it but am having no luck. The restore process has gone through complete multiple times and has gone into restore again with itunes errors . I have tried to run green poison and it kicks in and stops after is says four errors unable to find gdevlist_list, fs_mount, fs_load file, fs_mount. ive reinstalled itunes many times tried many and all usb ports with nothing more than the mouse pluggeg in. im going crazy. i have also tried tiny umbrella to fix restore loop. i cant seem to download custom ipsw have tried but i cant get itunes to recognize the zip file even after i cange the file ext i have gotten the message from itunes saying the ipod is damaged and cannot be activated what am i doing wrong

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