Apple iTunes Selling Pirated Films Violates Copyright Infringements


by casey on February 2, 2011

BBC news has reported that Apple iTunes has made available the pirated Russian films without any consent of copyright holders. Gentlemen of Fortune, Assa, The Diamond Arm, Kin-dza-dza and Cheburashka are few examples of pirated films available in iTunes. The news is amazing as Apple is the company who always takes care of being pointed out to anything related to copyright violation.

Joint State Film Collection (Obyedinennaya Gosudarstvennaya Kinocollectsia) and Russian film studio Mosfilm who are they copyright holders on the films have told BBC News that they have not issued any licenses for their films to be sold by Apple iTunes.

iTunes CopyRights

It is illegal to present our films as applications either in iTunes or on any other internet site. It is permitted only on our own Mosfilm site”, Svetlana Pyleva, Mosfilm’s deputy director-general, said in an interview with

Apple has responded to this query and said :

We understand the importance of protecting intellectual property and when we receive complaints we respond promptly and appropriately”, Christine Monaghan, Apple’s official representative, told

Vladimir Penshin , who created an app for iTunes from the film Cheburashka has been contacted.

“Of course, I do not have any license agreement”, he said. “This is all very simple. The companies, who can have complaints, submit them to Apple and Apple notifies me that they have to withdraw the application”.

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