Stop iTunes Automatic Firmware Update For iPhone iPad & iPod Using RecoveryGuard


by casey on January 29, 2011

Ok here is a cool tweak specially for those who are using jailbroken iPhone iPod or iPad devices. Beginners are always advised not to update their iPhones by those who have remained long in the jailbreaking and unlocking world. Despite of warnings many people end up updating their iOS mistakenly. RecoveryGuard is a Cydia app that prevents you from accidentally updating iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Some people just push the update button in iTunes accidentally. Some people are curious to see what happens if they press it. For some its an adventure. Its a kind of human nature that makes anyone curious when he or she watches the update message again and again. Why not push it to get the update ? The reason is very simple, you will end up having a locked iPhone or the device which is not jailbroken. After that you have to wait long for the next version unlock or jailbreak tool to release.


RecoveryGuard is a Cydia app under the Pushfix repository. It will prevent you from updating your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app is currently in its beta version. It helps you protect from updating iOS 3.1.2 through 4.2.1 versions. The tweak makes your iPhone software thing that your device is already up to date.

RecoveryGuard also helps you prevent from going into Recovery Mode (Connect to iTunes screen with cable). Although you can still go into DFU mode by holding power and home button for restoring and jailbreaking purposes. It just helps you if your device is stuck in the recovery mode.

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