PlayStation 3 [PS3] Firmware 3.56 Hacked & Jailbroken


by casey on January 29, 2011

Two days ago we have updated you about the PlayStation 3 firmware 3.56 release. We have also discussed the jailbreak possibility of the latest firmware version. The firmware 3.56 was specially released to fix the exploit used in the 3.55 jailbreak solution by GeoHot. The good news is that the 3.56 has also been hacked.

As we know that the previous version was jailbroken by GeoHot who has been sued by Sony. The court has also approved the temporary restarting orders against GeoHot. So at the moment he was unable to get involved in any kind of hacking activity. The latest firmware has been hacked by KakaRoToKS. So wait for the custom firmware for 3.56 and its jailbreak.

PS3 firmware 3.56 hacked

The developer has posted on his Twitter account a message which only developers can understand:

pup from ps3utils and puppack/pupunpack from ps3tools in can now pack/unpack 3.56 correctly.

Sony is after GeoHot who is just a big name in the jailbreaking world. But there are too many other developers who are ready to jailbreak almost any device that comes. We advice Sony to collaborate with these hackers to make their security stronger instead of suing them.

Update:PlayStation3 Jailbreak 3.56 Firmware Found

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UPDATE: Custom Firmware CFW PS3 3.60 / 3.55 Full PSN Access Download Naima

Stay connected to We will be updating you on this. We will also be showing you a HOW TO GUIDE TO JAILBREAK PS3 3.56 as soon as it releases.

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