Theme It: New App Store For Jailbroken iPhone iPad & iPod Touch After Cydia


by casey on January 24, 2011

It becomes a little annoying sometimes to find a good theme for your jailbroken iPhone even if you are trying to search through Cydia. Upcoming “Theme It” is a new app store for jailbroken iDevices that will provide you with high quality themes in one place. You will be able to buy skins and theme for your jailbroken iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Theme It

“A carefully designed platform (application and website) allowing focus on high-quality themes and also the artists behind the themes in a way that wasn’t possible before… it’s the Theme Store you’ve been dreaming of using.

With some of the best theme creators already on-board we can guarantee you’ll have access to amazing and exclusive content in an environment that’s sure to meet everyone’s needs. Focusing on high-quality, complete themes, the goal of Theme it isn’t to have a million themes in the gallery… but the best ones available.

The platform includes a very user-friendly website and an iPhone/iTouch application to showcase and distribute the themes with instant access to the information you really want, such as screenshots, details, compatibility and much more. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn a little more about the artists that create the themes you love and use. A section will be dedicated to these wonderful designers.”

Video of ThemeIt for jailbroken iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

But why not the Cydia store for the same purpose. Controversies make products become more famous. Seems like Jay Freeman aka Saurik does not like the idea of a new app store for jailbroken Apple devices. Theme It has issued a statement on this:

Note to all iDevice Jailbreakers and people interested in Theme it:

Well as it was to be expected Saurik/Jay Freeman (maker of Cydia) doesn’t seem to appreciate our venue in “his” community. He wrote me an email, asking us to ‘back-down’ and stop our much awaited project hiding behind the fact that competition is bad… Sure competition isn’t good to someone trying to keep his monopoly and have the ability to decide how everything should or should not evolve. But we’re all aware that competition is a great thing for the end user and everyone else for that matter, it forces the different parties to do better all the time for the real good of the community. Funny enough, he suddenly seems to have become very “available” since the announcement of Theme it went public ; ) getting in contact with the different repositories, theme creators, etc.

But “back-stabbing” is the main intention here, making sure all the people getting involved with us will turn their backs on us (I’m forced to admit that they don’t really have much choice since he’s currently the only one pulling all the strings) For instance we “mysteriously lost” our partner repository (that had signed a partnership agreement with us) and i’ve heard that he’s even “taking the time” to contact different theme creators directly as well to try and make sure they don’t follow us in this adventure… how low is that !? This clearly shows one thing; he feels quite threatened of what we’re coming out with, he doesn’t want to loose money and potentially more… his monopoly.

Now, we just wanted to let everyone know that Theme it is being released in January and that we’ll be glad to count you in. There is no ‘sides to choose’ here, we just want to offer a different solution to users, theme creators and everyone else interested. Keep in mind that Theme it is currently oriented to deal with themes because that’s where we noticed there was a real need to do something but the architecture is fully compatible to have let’s say : App it come along later for software developers, etc…

Obviously we’ll be looking for the best way to get distributed (repository and/or jailbreak utilities) now that most doors have been closed thanks to Saurik’s requests/pressure, so if you’re interested feel free to get in touch with us via our website, twitter (@themeit_app) or by mail at

This message has two main purposes: One is to let everyone know Saurik/Jay Freeman’s ways and how he keeps trying to block any competition to keep a global hold on “the community”. Two is to let people know that we hate to be dictated what we should or should not do and that his low-ways of doing can only motivate us even more to make a great, fresh, new solution for everyone to enjoy.

I hope you’ll understand that this is REALLY for the best of “the community” and it’s time users, theme creators and repositories have other options to choose from.

There is no way we’re letting such a great and much awaited idea get blocked by a “wannabe god”…


Gab & Co.

Source: via ThemeIt

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