Comex Untethered iOS Jailbreak To Release After Verizon iPhone


by casey on January 15, 2011

The untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak has become a mystery now. iPhone Dev Team has already released an untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak soultion using Redsn0w 0.9.7 but that was a back up plan. Comex is yet to unveil his version of untethered iOS jailbreak. Seems like he has saved his solution for the iOS 4.2.5, the iOS version for Verizon iPhone.

Check out the Twitter conversation of Comex and his reply to a follower on the upcoming untethered iOS jailbreak:

i0n1c asking: so is not waiting for the next iOS for untethering?
Comex replying: I don’t know, I think I’m waiting for the Verizon iPhone.

Previously we have seen Comex not meeting the deadline to release untethered iOS 4.2.1 by Christmas. iPhone Dev Team had to release the backup plan. Now they are reluctant to release the real version.

There is a rumor that Comex might save his solution for iOS 4.3. Beta 4.3 is out but the public version is still to come. Seems like we have to wait a little longer.

People are so anxious to get both unlock and untethered iOS jailbreak but seems like iPhone Dev Team has something big to show us which they do not want to waste before the right time.

On the other hand few people are giving their opinion that iPhone Dev Team is completely failed to introduce and unlock and untethered iOS jailbreak tool.

No estimated time of arrival. Stay tuned to We will update you as soon as the untethered iOS jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad releases.

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  • Failuretobrathe777

    this is ridiculous, i’ve been waiting for months,

  • Davo Pogosian

    I hope this is true…. Comex Has broken many promise’s.

  • Kaato

    I’m trying so hard to not be impatient haha. I just wish they weren’t so vague and gave us updates and estimated time frames. Its not like chronic dev team are Apple and don’t leak info for marketing purposes. Throw us a bone here :)

  • Dude7o3

    a little off the christmas release there

  • Dude7o3

    i bet apple won. they cant crack 4.2 this verizon deadline thing probably wont even happen

  • Musclenerdtakessteroids

    their feet are in one shoe now. apple has make it hard for them. if they had a solution they would have release it already..

  • Blah

    It’s all bullshit.. Apple has finally beaten them.

  • Shitcrap

    fuck comex n devteam

  • Mowbs

    jesus just release it man,work on the 4.2.5 again months people have been waiting,give us a break and release it dude

  • Ad

    ugghhh effin 3 months when is it goin to come out?

  • Hallo

    Waste of time. Why dont they just admit that they cant?

  • hurmunculus

    Apple has defeated the Devteam!!!

  • HOI

    puki ma..cause my springboard to crash..

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