Ubuntu OS Ported To Google Nexus S Device


by casey on January 11, 2011

Previously we have shown you a guide to install MeeGo OS on your Nexus S device using rootfs image on the internal memory. The same hacker named stroughtonsmith is now successful to boot Ubuntu OS on the Nexus S. The developer again used the method of rootfs image on the internal memory without flashing the phone.

Nexus S originally runs Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread but its is booted with the Ubuntu which is also a Linux based operating system.


How To Guide to Install Ubuntu on Nexus S?

Copy the Ubuntu for HD2.
Pick the rootfs.ext2 file and move the file to Nexus S device. Put it in a folder called ‘ubuntu’
Use fastboot to boot from HERE
ADB push this file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Reboot Ubuntu

This is for the second time we have seen a non-Android operating system ported on the Google’s Nexus S. Previously we have seen MeeGo installed by the same hacker on the Nexus S device.

We do not highly recommend you to test this project. If you are an expert then you should try to check how Ubuntu feels like on the Nexus S phone.

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