Google TV Jailbroken. Install Apps, Stream Hulu Service & Play Angry Birds


by casey on January 11, 2011

The Google TV has been successfully jailbroken. Previously we have seen Howard Harte announcing a prize money or you can say a reward of $1000 for the very first person to jailbreak Google TV. A group named as GTVHacker Dev Team has cracked into the Google TV to install custom apps. The hack by the team involves both harware and software level.

The interesting thing is that the hack also let you stream TV services such as Hulu on your Google TV. This thing is surely going to attract many people.

According to Howard Harte:

The actual bounty paid was $500, since the rooting process involved a hardware hack. The $1000 bounty was for a software-only hack, which unfortunately did not happen. The original terms of the bounty stated that ‘a partial consideration of $500 will be given for a hardware hack’ and that a hardware hack is defined as any hack which involves opening the Google TV device.

According to the GTVHacker Dev Team, it is possible to run Rovio’s Angry Birds on the Google TV. So soon you are going to enjoy Angry Birds on the big screen.

The GTVHacker Dev Team has published a video of jailbroken Google TV on YouTube. The team used a Logitech Revue to jailbreak the TV device. They have made it possible to install Android app on your Google TV.

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