iPhone Dev Team Waiting For Verizon iPhone Before iPhone 4 Unlock


by casey on January 8, 2011

iPhone Dev Team is waiting for the Verizon iPhone’s launch before they can release the unlock solution for the iPhone 4 on higer basebands. Seriously ?? According to the Dev Tem’s key member MuscleNerd its true. Much awaited Verizon iPhone is rumored to be launched on January 11 and apparently The Wall Street Journel has confirmed this.

MuscleNerd confirmed that they are waiting for the Verizon iPhone in a reply back to his Twitter follower. His follower asked that untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak is the reason of delay in unlock for iPhone 4. Check out the his conversation on Twitter:

hishamm126: @MuscleNerd Can we conclude that the i4 unlock is ready but its just waiting for the untethered JB?

MuscleNerd: @hishamm126 the Verizon rumor mill is much more relevant :)

Check out the image of the tweet:


Seems like that this time Verizon iPhone is coming for sure. We cannot confirm anything about that but let us see what iPhone Dev Team is going to announce after this Verizon iPhone mystery. Fact is that people are waiting anxiously for a better solution for untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak and iPhone 4 unlock.

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  • Mac

    I don’t think they have a solution to unlocked the iphone 4. Always excuses! One after another!

  • http://twitter.com/Walabguy Clint Hinkle

    that makes no sense as it will be cdma banded to verizon

  • Mareddii

    I hope we get the unlock soon :)

  • Rostialex

    It doesn’t make any sens becase they wont be able to get near the verizon iOS until it hits the shelvs in February/march

  • Deejay EeZy

    Theyve been bullshitting us for months. The unlock isn’t coming or they would of definitively said yes instead of beating around the bush. Obviously the baseband is a little out of their league.

  • gh0st

    no point epic fail

  • Bg Gale

    Does anyone still believe anything these guys say anymore? What next – waiting for iOS4.3? Waiting for iPad 2? Waiting for the sky to fall?

  • Ahogadoenunbar

    I have an iphone 4 and I can not unblock it, please help!

  • http://twitter.com/pradeepktg Pradeep C

    iphone_dev team , Appreciate your hard work, but dont make the millions of people fool :( You are not going to loose anything by saying ip4 unlock release date or atleast update.

  • Bg Gale

    Well, the Verizon iPhone is out. What are they claiming to be waiting for now? iPhone 5? Y3K?
    Funny – if you do a search on ‘unlock iPhone 4 4.2.1′, EVERY SINGLE post has a date they are waiting for. ALL have long since passed! Give up waiting – folks – they are all lies! I’m starting to think Apple has either threatened all of these ‘hackers’ with legal retribution, or they’ve simply been paid off to keep stringing the faithful along. Either way makes no difference to me anymore – I sold my locked AT&T iPhone and bought a factory unlocked one. Works like a champ. Give up waiting and do the same.

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