Shatter Jailbreak Tool Preserved For iPhone 5 & iPad 2.0 Leaked & Burned


by casey on December 23, 2010

Previously we have reported that SHAtter Jailbreak tool that can burn the exploit is expected to get leaked. Then we reported that SHAtter jailbreak tool will not leak and rights are returned to the original owners. Now we have come across an interesting situation. Apparently SHAtter is leaked and is in Apple’s hands. What this could mean???? If Apple patches it, SHAtter jailbreak tool which is preserved for the iPhone 5 and iPad 2.0 will not be effective. Chances are there that no jailbreak tool will be available for iPhone 5 and iPad 2.0. Second possibility could be that hackers and developers have to create a new exploit for the next generation iDevices.

For those who are unaware of SHAtter jailbreak tool, back at the time when iOS 4.1 was released, an iPhone hacker named pod2g developed SHAtter exploit by collaborating and taking help of p0sixninja who is Chronic Dev Team member. SHAtter was developed to jailbreak iOS 4.1 but GeoHot was released with Limer1n to jailbreak all iOS devices running iOS 4.1. SHAtter was preserved for next generation devices including iPhone 5 and iPad new version iPad 2.

The developer of SHAtter exploit has published it in front of 15 hackers according to MuscleNerd. After that it was preserved for the next generation iDevices. No body knows who has actually leaked the tool.

Chronic Dev Team hacker, p0sixninja is claiming that MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has leaked the Shatter exploit.

Check out the conversation below:

shatter leaked1

shatter leaked2

Update:SHAtter iOS 4.3 Jailbreak On iPad 2, iPhone & iTouch By Chronic Dev Team

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  • Matty

    LOL its NOT been leaked there is a ton of fake ones and that argument was over who leaked it apple doesn’t have the real one and comex HASN’T sent them it.

  • Wayno75

    What a ****** drama !!!!!

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