Downgrade 6.15.00 Baseband To Be Released After 2.10.04 Unlock


by casey on December 22, 2010

Previously we have seen MuscleNerd confirming the new version of Red Sn0w for untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak. The iPhone hacker has now updates regarding downgrade of 6.15.00 baseband on iPhone 3GS and 3G after the ultra snow operation. MuscleNerd said that the work on downgrade for 6.15.00 will not be considered until the release of iPhone 4 baseband 2.10.04 unlock.

The developer said this in a reply to a follower on Twitter. Check out the conversation below:

Fammbizz asking MuscleNerd: when is ur bb downgrade comin out for 6.15.00
MuscleNerd replying: TBH (to be honest), that won’t be looked into until after i4 unlock

Check out the image of this conversation:

downgrade 6.15.00

Previously we have seen ultrasn0w 1.2 released for iOS 4.2.1 to unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS. The unlock requires you to upgrade to iPad’s baseband 6.15.00 for it to work. Unfortunately many problems were reported by the users who used this procedure. So we are expecting that the downgrade of it will solve the issue.

We have already reported that iPhone 4 baseband 2.10.04 unlock is coming before the mid of January 2011. The news has been confirmed by famous baseband hacker Shreif Hashim.

Stay tuned to VeryRite. As we will be covering all the news regarding the upcoming unlock tool for iPhone 4.

Update:Downgrade 6.15.00 Baseband To05.13 work progress

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