Apple iPhone On Verizon Network Again Confirmed By Kevin Rose


by casey on December 16, 2010

Apple iPhone on Verizon network carrier! We know its coming apparently! There are daily news on it. Many analysts and technology websites has predicted about the upcoming iPhone on Verizon. We do not want to be a part of rumors. But we can not hide it when a famous personality like Kevin Rose confirms iPhone on Verizon status.

Popular website Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose has again confirmed the possibility of iPhone using the Verison network carrier. He hinted on his Twitter account by saying:

“Suck is no longer the right word for AT&T. They simply don’t work in San Francisco, I’m canceling my service and going Verizon.”

Thats the second time Kevin Rose is tweeting such a message regarding Verizon iPhone. Previously he tweeted: AT&T sucks in SF, very very excited to get the iPhone on Verizon next year

Many people are happy with the AT&T network carrier with iPhone. On the other hand there is a large community of people dying for the iPhone to come on Verizon.

So what do you want? Do you like the iPhone to continue using AT&T?? Or you simply agree with Rose and support the idea of Verizon iPhone???

Verizon iPhone

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