Jailbreak Tool Antid0te Uses ASLR For iOS Devices iPhone, iPad & iPod Coming


by casey on December 10, 2010

There are many security concerns involved when you try to jailbreak your Apple device. That is one of the reason why most of the users keep themselves away from jailbreaking their devices. Stefan Esser, a developer and security consultant is going to reveals a new jailbreak named Antid0te that will use ASLR technique to keep your device safe while you jailbreak.

ASLR which stands for Address Space Layout Randomization has been used by few hackers at Pwn2Own hacker contest. We have not seen any one using this technique after that contest.

ASLR technique makes the memory location randomized from where the code in injected and executed. This makes it very complicated for hackers to judge exact memory addresses of malicious code. Base Address, Dynamic Linker and main thread’s stack are also randomized using ASLR.

“When you jailbreak it, it breaks a lot of security of a normal iPhone,” hacker Charlie Miller told The Reg. “With Stefan’s stuff, now maybe it’s an option, if you’re a security-conscious person, to still jailbreak your phone because you can pick up ASLR, which is going to make it a lot harder to do exploits.”

“This enables users with jailbroken iPhones to create their own set of dyld_shared_cache files that have completely different library load addresses from every other iPhone in the world,” Esser wrote in an email. “This is already a better ASLR than what exists on Snow Leopard because different applications can use different shared caches and therefore different load addresses.”


Stefan Esser will reveal his Antid0te jailbreak tool at the Power of Community Security Conference on December 14 in Seoul, South Korea. Stay tunes to VeryRite to get instant updates.

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