Facebook Announces 2011 Hacker Cup For Hackers Around The World


by casey on December 10, 2010

Here is an exciting news specially for the coding guru, computer geeks and hackers. Facebook has announced 2011 Hacker Cup. Facebook said “Thousands will enter, but only one will emerge as world champion”

If you have seen the movie “The Social Network” you must know that Mark Zuckerberg has also the history of hacking back in Harvard University. He created a site ‘Face-mash’ and filled the site with images of university girls by hacking the university database.

Facebook gave the statement:
We’re starting the Hacker Cup to bring engineers from around the world together to compete in a multi-round programming competition. Contestants will have to successfully solve algorithmic-based problem statements to advance and are ranked by accuracy and speed.

About the event:
What: An annual algorithmic programming contest open to hackers from around the world.
Where: Three online rounds with the finals at Facebook’s headquarters in California.
When: Registration opens December 20th with the three online rounds occurring throughout January 2011. World finals to follow.
Finals: We’ll pay to fly and accommodate the top 25 hackers from the 3rd online round out to our campus.
Prizes: Of course! $5,000 USD and title as world champion to the top hacker, $2,000 for 2nd place, $1,000 for 3rd, and $100 for 4th through 25th. Awesome t-shirts for the top 300 hackers coming out of the second online round.

Keep on checking www.facebook.com/hackercup for more details and updates to the event.

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