ListLauncher Enhances iPhone 4/3GS & iPod Touch Spotlight Search Of Apps


by casey on December 6, 2010

ListLauncher makes it possible to add a list of your apps to the Spotlight screen. The tweak is available for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. ListLauncher is developed by the famous iPhone developer and hacker chpwn. The tweak makes it much easier to find an app by name and not by icon.

It is not an alternative to Spotlight as they both work together but with the power of Spotlight things become much more easier for you.

ListLauncher is available in the Cydia Store for download at $0.99. The tweak is good specially for those who have lots of apps and stuff installed in their iPhone or iPod touch devices.

You need to have your iPhone or iPod touch device jailbroken for this app to work. You can enable or disable this tweak once it is installed.

ListLauncher iPhone app

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