Angry Birds Christmas Version Coming To Android & Apple App Store


by casey on November 28, 2010

There were many sling shot games before but Angry Birds is getting more and more popular. The reason of its popularity is the continuous work by the Rovio team behind it. After the Angry Birds Halloween version, Rovio is bringing Angry Birds Christmas for us.

The app will appear in the App store within few days. At the moment the app is submitted to Apple for approval.

What about Angry Birds Christmas version on Android??? Yes! it is coming on android Platform as well. The news has been confirmed through Twitter account of RovioMobile which said “there will be Christmas for Android as well;-)”

There is a news floating around that the Angry Birds version is also coming to Microsoft Windows 7. We will be covering it as well as soon as we listen some official statement by the Rovio Team.

Angry Birds christmas version2


Angry Birds christmas version3

Angry Birds christmas version1

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