After iOS 4.2 Release, Apple To Reveal iOS 4.3 By Mid Of December


by casey on November 25, 2010

More rumors are floating on the web about the next version of iOS. Apple is expected to release iOS 4.3 by mid of December. It is also rumored that Apple is bringing something called “app subscriptions” with iOS 4.3. Apple and News Corp are working to bring an only news version iPad product. Few people are saying that Apple will expose all these on December 9th media event.

MacStories has reported using some reliable source that Apple was already planning to release a new firmware build iOS 4.x before iOS 4.2 was delayed due to iPad WiFi connect issue. Most probably they will be revealing iOS 4.3 on December 13.

Hereís what we heard from a reliable source: when Apple didnít know about the WiFi issues in the GM seed of iOS 4.2, the OS was scheduled to be released weeks before Nov. 22nd. Apple found out about the WiFi issues, released a second GM build and iOS 4.2 came out yesterday. It came out in November, but it should have been out in the first half of November. Anyway, before the WiFi issues were discovered, Apple was already planning to release a new build of iOS 4.x in mid-December. Most specifically, they were planning for an iOS 4.3 release on December 13th, which is a Monday.

Our source tells us it is unclear whether the ďextra timeĒ that was required to ship iOS 4.2 (actually, itís iOS 4.2.1) will cause a delay for the rumored release of iOS 4.3 on December 13th or not. iOS 4.3 should, however, include bug fixes and maintenance of the code. Itís likely that 4.3 will also address the initial issues found in AirPlay, but we canít confirm this just yet.


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