Measure Speed Of Your iOS Device, iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Using Device Speed Test


by casey on November 19, 2010

Device Speed Test is a new app available in Cydia. The tweak allows you to test the speed and efficiency of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. Device Speed Test app tells you what exactly you should do to enhance the performance and speed of your iOS device using simple ways.

The app will do different operations after you launch it. If the performance and speed of your device is sufficient enough, it will give you a green light. Yellow light will be given when you have decent speed and of course the red one will be assigned when you need to improve your device speed.

You need to have your device jailbroken to support this app. Visit the jailbreak guide if you are interested in jailbreaking.

The app is currently available for download in Cydia store under BigBoss repository. The good thing is that this app is free for download.


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