Eric Schmidt Shows Gingerbread Powered Nexus S Using T-Mobile During Web 2.0 Summit


by casey on November 16, 2010

We were expecting Eric Schmidt to bring something exciting for us at the Web 2.0 summit. So he surprised us by showing off the Nexus S phone using T-Mobile as its network carrier.

Google CEO, Schmidt revealed that the Nexus S phone features NFC, a technology that is capable of replacing credit cards according to him.

He called it an “unannounced phone” from an “announced manufacturer,”. We cannot even predict its release date and when it is going to hit the market.

The only thing which is confirmed is that it will use T-Mobile network carrier. We are expecting more details from Schmidt soon.

The second big update that we have received while writing this post is about the Google Android Gingerbread. Schmidt said that Gingerbread would be out in the next few weeks. So we can assume that Nexus S and Gingerbread will be launching at the same time and most probably the phone will use Gingerbread as its operating system.

Hope this time Google will do better to market their upcoming phone and not as they did with the Nexus One.


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