Apple To Launch iAds Advertising Service In Europe By Revealing iAds Partners?


by casey on November 15, 2010

According to a report Apple is expected to launch iAds in Europe very soon. Apple has recently delayed iAds in Europe twice. Apple iAds apparently are now visible worldwide. It is also expected that Apple will lower $1M entry fee to bring more advertisers.

The news of iAds in Europe is posted by The Financial Times. They have also asked different advertising companies about the effect of Apple iAds. Some of the companies did not like the Apple iAds system saying “iAds are expensive and a pain to deal with” and “Apple is in a weaker position than you’d think”.

Although a senior marketing group executive said:

Apple is still figuring out how to sell advertising. You don’t just become a sell-side media company overnight. The infrastructure is missing at Apple right now.

Clients don’t really take it that seriously yet. It goes in the experimental category, along with most of the rest of mobile advertising.

Previously we have seen Apple teaming up with Dentsu to bring iAds in Japan and trying to make this service available to more place.

According to the report:

Early adopters could include L’Oréal, Renault and Nestlé, with two or three campaigns running on iPhone and iPod touch apps in early December” “most will not run until next year

Everybody knows Apple is a very strong company and knows how to make a brand. However, they seems struggling with their marketing strategy to brand iAds. Let us see how they are boost iAds advertising service.

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