New Zealand Guy Arrested For Posting Naked Picture Of His Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook


by casey on November 14, 2010

A 20-year old painter from New Zealand has been arrested for posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend. Joshua Ashby uploaded naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook after 5 months of their break up.

The broke up after five months of their relationship. Because of that he cut up her dresses and and told the lady that “I’m going to kill you, dead bitch“.

Apparently its not a big thing if we hear a boy friend and his girl friend share their passwords with each other. So, as usual, he signed into his ex-gf’s Facebook account and changed the profile picture to the naked on that he had for her.

After that he changed the setting making the account public to everyone. That is surely too bad for the lady.

Facebook not always making things controversial for itself when it comes to security has actually closed the account in 12 hours.

Joshua’s parents has accepted this 4-month prison sentence that they have received from New Zealand court. His mother said:And maybe when someone thinks about doing, they’ll remember someone got sent to prison for that and they’ll say: `Oh my God, I’m not going to do that.

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