Google Android OS On Apple iPod Touch 4G Using OpeniBoot ?


by casey on November 14, 2010

Previously we have reported that Android OS On iPhone 4 and iPad Using OpeniBoot Bootlace Is Coming Soon. Hacker Hexxeh has confirmed that they have tested the required binaries on an Apple iPod Touch 4G and it is working quite fine. The hack was done using the same OpeniBoot installer.

Here is what Hexxeh has tweeted:

“lots of people asking whether OpeniBoot will work on iPT4. We tested an i4 binary earlier, worked fine, which is promising. No ETAs.”

As you can see “No ETA” (Estimated Time of Arrival) but its good to see the confirmation of Android OS on iPT4.

If your not aware of OpeniBoot, its an open source implementation of the iBoot bootloader found in iOS devices. It enables booting of unsigned codes such as Linux kernals. OpeniBoot is very useful for booting and using Linux based kernals such as Android on iOS devices as it preps up the device for the linux kernal to take control.

iPod tweet

android on apple

Also check the images and videos of Android on iPhone and iPad:

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