Native Code On WP7 Shows Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Is Imminent


by casey on November 13, 2010

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 has been launched few days back. The attempts to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 Operating System has started and its inevitable. An Australian developer Chris Walshie was successful to run native” unmanaged code on a retail Windows Phone 7 device.

This was all started by a user “hounsell” on The user observed that a thord part app in Windows Phone 7 market place used “native” code, not Silverlight-managed code as all non-Microsoft apps should.


Getting more deep inside it, the user noticed some interesting facts of the app that gave it its native capabilities -most notably a DLL called “Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices”, which if poked the right way provided COM access.


Using this observation, Chris Walshie was successful to write a code and implement a WP7 app using the sideloading process to a WP 7 phone that inherited the ability to run unmanaged code.

Even though this breakthrough pretty much provides root access to the core of the Windows CE-based system including registry and file system necessary for future jailbroken applications, the last and major piece of the jailbreaking puzzle remains – sideloading an application on a common non-developer device, since such an app would never make it through marketplace certification.


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