New Updated Version Of Upcoming Cydia Jailbreak is Now Ready iOS 4.2


by casey on November 11, 2010

Previously we have reported that New Version Of Cydia Coming For iOS 4.2 Jailbreak With Better iPad Support. The news came from a Tweet by MuscleNerd who said that “Both @Chpwn and @saurik Have been burniing the midnight oil for preparing updated version of Cydia”. Although the work by them was not that impressive according to many reviews.

Now we have another update that came from a tweets between @chpwn and @esmandau. The conversation is as follows:

EsMaNdAu: @chpwn how’s Cydia for iOS 4.2 Going….! #Thanks “For Just Reading Me”

Chpwn: In ready position.

There has been many new changes in iOS 4.2 which makes it demanding for Cydia to be updated as well. Apart from that, much awaited new look of Cydia will also be updated.


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