Wireless Printing AirPrint Feature For iOS 4.2 Has Not Been Pulled Says Steve Jobs


by casey on November 10, 2010

Previously we have seen rumors started to float saying AirPrint for iOS 4.2 will no longer be available. The news was a surprise for thousands of people searching for the term “AirPrint for iOS 4.2“. The good news is that those were just rumors and Apple will be making the Airprint support available in the upcoming release.

Emails and their replies to and from Steve Jobs are controversial. A recent email conversation is as below which confirms the availability Airprint feature in iOS 4.2 .

Email to Steve Jobs : “Good Morning, Mr. Jobs: As a release-day purchaser of an iPad, I was elated when you revealed iOS 4.2 would support AirPrint. Now comes reports AirPrint support has been pulled from 4.2. Between announcements/assurances of the white iPhone, and now the pulling of AirPrint, is Apple going to lose credibility and become known for announcing “vaporware”? Respectfully,”

Jobs replied: “AirPrint has not been pulled. Don’t believe everything you read“.

For those who are still unaware of this feature, AirPrint is a wireless printing facility that will allow to print directly from iOS devices to compatible printers (mostly HP printers).

The authenticity of the email can not be verified although its floating on many big technology news website.

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